What is this blog about? I am hoping to engage others who love to eat or cook in a conversation that will inspire and tickle our taste buds as well as nurture our creative spirit.

The whole thing started when my house mate asked me to make what I had made for dinner one night the week before. I had no idea what I had made or what I had put in it, because my cooking process is mostly intuitive. This happened a few more times until he said that I had to start writing down what I do. I reluctantly agreed to do so. Also, being a photographer, I figured it would help trigger my memory if I also took photos of my creations. After posting a few of them on social media, people started asking me for recipes and tips in addition to dinner invitations. Before I knew it, I was working on creating a cookbook!

In order to make sure that the recipes are useful, I’ll be asking people to re-create them and report back on their experience along with photos of their results and tips for improvements. I’m hoping this will then lead to a book of cooking inspiration rather than just a series of recipes. Please comment freely and add your tips and experiences to the recipes!

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